Sandro Tonali: The New Pirlo?


Nationality:          Italian

Position:               Defensive Midfielder

Date of birth:        May 8th, 2000.


  • Brescia






Set Piece Specialist





Throughout the years, young sensational promising players have been dubbed as essentially regens of legendary players such as the infamous case with Freddy Adu, whom was once dub ‘The New Pele’’, only to go on and not achieve even half of what the legendary player did.

This however does not appear to be the case with Brescia starlet Sandro Tonali, whom many among the Italian press have dubbed ‘The New Pirlo’’.

Tonali himself has fully embraced the comparisons, when asked about his style of play he was quoted as saying ’A mix of all of them would be perfect, I guess there are similarities with Pirlo in a way, but I also put in a lot of grit in there, so maybe more Gattuso’’. And this quote perfectly sums up the young Italians style of play. He is a perfect modern day defensive midfielder, sitting in front of the center backs, coming out from behind and distributing the ball.

However unlike Pirlo, Tonali is much more physical and seems athletically superior to the legendary player. Thus the other comparisons to Gattuso. He also possesses a maturity that is rarely seen in a player his age, it’s not surprise to find out that Pep Guardiola himself is said to be a big admirer of the young Italian player.

It will not be long before we see Tonali get snapped up by one of Europe’s elite clubs. And if he continues the development he’s had at only 19 years of age, he just might live up to the hype and be worthy of being dubbed ‘’The New Pirlo’’.

We leave you with a beauty he scored earlier this season:

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