Ralf Rangnick: The One Milan needs

Another managerial revolution at Milan would take place should Rangnick arrive. He would hold a dual head coach-director role with major decision making power in the market. Maldini and Ibrahimovic would hardly accept to stay in his presence.

Who is Ralf Rangnick?

Ralf Rangnick, 2019

Ralf Rangnick has long been one of Germany’s most nuanced football thinkers as a new generation of tactical masterminds have been inspired by his work at Stuttgart and since. After the departure of Ralph Hasenhuttl, he decided to try his hand at management before Julian Nagelsmann takes over in the 2019/20 season as he calmly and surely steered a young side back into the UEFA Champions League. The Bundesliga was reminded by his unique and hardworking approach while he showed some tactical growth as he even led Leipzig to the DFB Pokal final against Bayern Munich. He will take an executive role overseeing Red Bull’s franchises on the other side of the Pacific as RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg have moved to modern and individual leadership structures. His influence over both has helped shaped them into two of the most overachieving polishing schools of talent in Europe.

Project Year 0 again for Milan, sounds repetitive, the club needs stability ? 

Yes and no. If the structural change was to simply change the coach Pioli for another lateral coaching move, and/or remove Boban Maldini to replace them with lambda directors then I would be the first to be against the change. However, the problem of Milan today is not the lack of stability per se, it’s a highly overspoken element which isn’t really relevant to the problem at the source. Milan’s issues are rooted to dependance on individual talent, financial restructuring, inability to convince talents to join the club, and inability or incompetence of signing a TRUE, EXPERIENCED, INNOVATIVE coach. The last element is the most crucial, as there is no doubt they would’ve made UCL last year with a proper experimented coach or just with a tiny bit of luck. Don’t get me wrong, the club has the means, without FFP, Milan could splurge what Juventus and Inter could spend on a Mercato combined. But the rule of FFP is preventing Milan from a rapid revival to the sporting scene, and the club has to find another way to grow back with a more sustainable, long term, a detailed plan. 

The masterchef with the plan, why Rangnick specifically ?

Easy, it’s all wired to our first issue. From everything I’ve seen from him, I’m convinced that he could build a really solid foundation at Milan, with a faster, more dynamic style of football similar to Atalanta and Lazio (the best playing sides in Italy), with an updated scouting system and massively improved youth academy, we could become a really solid club in the next years.

Another thing I want to say about Rangnick and how he could fix one of our biggest issues in the last years. Our over-reliance on individual quality and building the team around just one player. I believe that it’s more important to have a solid team that plays well together, rather than just relying on one quality player to create everything. Rangnick did exactly this at Leipzig and he beat Bayern and Dortmund on many occasions. A good example is Inzaghi’s Lazio. A team that has less individual quality than Juve and Inter, and yet they beat both of them and could have won the title. A strong team can overcome the obstacles and defeat qualitative superior teams. This is also why so many qualitative weaker sides often play better than Milan and at times even come out winning the game. We need to stop looking at individual players and start focusing on building a team. A team that can defeat anyone no matter the quality the opponent may have. People need to stop looking at how the team fits around individual talent, and more at how individual talent can fit into a team. I prefer Castillejo over Suso because he makes the team play better, despite Samu being worse individually for example. For example, if you were to put Suso (individual-oriented) in a team such as Liverpool (team-oriented). It would be a total disaster for both the players and the overall team. Certain players don’t match certain teams in terms of chemistry with teammates and play-style. This also explains the decline of Barcelona. A team that was once much more team-oriented has now become individual-oriented and is over-reliant on Messi to create everything. Back in 2015, they could still rely on incredible talents such as Neymar and Iniesta, whilst now its just Messi who has to create.

Cool story, how feasible is his hiring right now ?

There are some doubts as to when the signature will come, since the club wants to allow Pioli and Maldini to finish their work for the current season. We should see him taking the reigns around July to prepare for the upcoming season.

Louis Girardi of Planeta Milan on Twitter claims that Ivan Gazidis is in the final stages of negotiating a deal with Rangick where they are clarifying details to find a complete agreement.

Vito Angele of Sempre Milan on Twitter went ahead to state that Rangnick is preparing to sign the contract of Milan is the club accepts his terms most likely relating to the system and budget. He went on to note that Elliot has decided to select him on the 8th of March.

The 61 year old has been dominating the headlines over the past few weeks and has acknowledged the approach of the club. There seems to be some steam building up in this pursuit but it will be unlikely to see any definitive movement prior to some clarity over the end of the Serie A season and the coronavirus crisis.

This article is a subjective analysis from our guest writer Mohamed Sami (@m_sami19).

2 thoughts on “Ralf Rangnick: The One Milan needs

  1. In my opinion , the perfect coach for Milan would be Arsene Wenger, he could ressurect Milan and change their style just Like he did at Arsenal. Even make less mistakes as he did in his last years for the Gunners, as he spent a whole year away from coaching.


    • Some would argue that Arsene Wenger could be somewhat outdated.
      His last years at Arsenal can be red flags for any club interested in his services. He has however always show character and genius at times.
      The only reason he would not fit Milan would be his tendency to need time to put together a team. Time that Milan cannot afford given the catastrophical financial situation of the club.


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