The away goals rule is trash.

AS Monaco-Arsenal (2015), AS Roma-FC Barcelona (2018), Tottenham-Ajax (2019). These are some few examples of games that were won thanks to the away goals rule. Surely, the winners worked hard for their win, but I strongly believe that the results were unfair to the losers. Losing a tie just because you scored less away goals is UNFAIR. The away goals rule SHOULD be eradicated from football.

The away goals rule is a regulation that was introduced during the 1965-66 Winners Cup. The idea behind the introduction of the rule was two-fold: remove the need for a tie-breaker at a neutral venue and to encourage teams to attack away from home. It was expanded to the European Cup (Champions League) the following season and has since been implemented in a wide variety of knockout tournaments across the world. Basically, we are playing football the 1965 way. Outdated enough?

Messi following the ROMAntada.
Source: The Daily Star

As Wenger said back in 2015: “This rule was created in the 60s to encourage teams to attack away from home, but football has changed since the 1960s and the weight of the away goal is too big today.”. Football has changed a lot since, playing at home or away from it has become quite the same for elite football clubs.


The strongest oppositions to support my argument are the Real Madrid-Bayern games. Whoever has watched them lately has surely noticed that Madrid give Bayern a hard time at the Allianz Arena while Bayern also do the same when visiting the Bernabeu.

I personally would find it more entertaining to go into extra-time or even organize a third game at a neutral venue. This is the fairest solution and the most entertaining one. With 2 teams tied in goals after 2 games, a 3rd game would be the only way to determine who really is the best team. Both Barca and Ajax were better than their opponents (Roma and Tottenham) but did not manage to go through because of a rule that is as old as my parents.




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