The promising Adolfo “El Tanque” Gaich

Nationality:          Argentinian

Position:               Striker

Date of birth:       February 26th, 1999.

Preferred foot:     Right


  • San Lorenzo



Decision making

Team work

Work rate


Physical strength


Off the ball movement




Long passes

Shots from distance




He is similar to Lewandowski and Ibrahimovic. Adolfo is ready to play for a big European Club”

Adolfo Gaich’s agent in 2019

Adolfo Gaich is certainly not one that has been taking the European media’s attention for long. He is however perceived as the next big thing in Argentina. In fact, El Tanque has already been dubbed the next Martin Palermo, the Boca Junior’s former striker and club legend.

A powerful striker that can dribble. A sentence that defines perfectly Gaich’s playing style. His height (190cm) and strong body shape allow him to go past defender or win aerial balls.

Despite being a very good finisher, Adolfo Gaich’s main attribute isn’t his goal scoring ability. His work rate and tendency to drop back to get the ball makes him create lots of spaces of his teammates. Moreover, due to his heading ability he can create a chance just by receiving a long ball like shown in the animations below:

Coming deep (above) or drifting wide (below) to create space (yellow zone)






In both situations Gaich creates space for his teammates by dragging the defender marking him and creating space. He receives an aerial ball that he converts into a pass to the space he just created. His teammates can make runs either from the middle or the wing depending setting of the action.

As for his on the ball game, Gaich has shown an outstanding ability to dribble using strength and technique; an ability that allows him to find solutions whether he is allowed space or not. As shown in the following video where he kept his calm and found his way to the back of the opposition’s net despite being pressed closely.

A closer look to his stats could misleadingly (to a certain extent) make you spot a massive red flag. Over the course of two seasons, 23 games and 1377 minutes with San Lorenzo, he has only been able to score on 7 occasions and offer one single assist. Giving him an average of one goal every 196 minutes.

If we used the word misleading in the previous paragraph, it is because Gaich is not your typical striker. As previously mentioned, his main role is not to score but rather support and create space. However, when given the opportunity he has shown his finishing skills and ability to be deadly in front of the goal.

The alarming statistic however is definitely his inability to assist. Although it is once again probably due to the system he evolves in. One thing is sure, it has to improve.

All in all, Gaich seems to be another promising option for the Argentinian national team. Along with Lautaro, he could lead the front while being also assisted by the talented playmaker Paolo Dybala. A golden generation that might just do what Messi’s team couldn’t. Time will certainly tell.

So far, Adolfo Gaich has been linked to many European clubs but no concrete talks have been reported. His agents have nonetheless pointed out that:

“He would like to play in Italy.”

A good sign for Italians clubs and particularly Inter who seem to see in him the perfect vice-Lukaku.

Clubs recently linked to Gaich

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