The only way the european superleague could work

Have you ever thought about what could make football even more enjoyable, for everyone?

Well, some European clubs both have and have not. ‘’How is that even possible?’’ Is that what you are asking yourself right now? Well, once again, hear me out.

The richest clubs in Europe, who by the way are the most powerful and the strongest in the continent, are thinking of creating a league of their own. A league in which the best will only face the best, just like what Florentino Perez said back in 2009 when he criticized the Champions League saying that its games do not necessarily involve elite teams.

Florentino Perez alongside Gianni Infantino
Source: Foot Mercato

Basically, the idea is creating a league of the strongest teams in Europe. The teams involved in the league will still play in their national leagues.

Surely this is exciting for the fans, this is a dream come true for them. I mean, not even in our wildest dreams we would have imagined the possibility to super football games week in and week out.  

Let us take a step back and think about the engine of football. The stories we all love to hear about the game. The stories that make us believe anything is possible. The stories that are special to the game. The stories about the underdogs. The success stories of underdogs. The Greece 2004 kind of stories, The Leicester City kind of stories. Do you really think we will have one of these if the Superleague is instituted the way the big clubs want it to? I believe not.

The Leicester City mircale
Source: France Football

Here is what I think will make it more interesting: a divisions system.

Just like the UEFA Nations League, the European Superleague should have a divisions system. All teams across Europe will face each other. All team across Europe will have a taste of what it feels like to play in a European competition. All teams across Europe will face their likes and help each other become better teams while competing.

A ‘’Super European Cup’’ is to be introduced too. A cup which will involve teams from all divisions. Who knows, maybe we will have stories like the Alcorconazo in this cup. Now that I am thinking, we sure will! Cup games have always been full of surprises. What would stop the ‘’Super European Cup’’ having ones of its own?

Alcorcon, 3th Spanish division at time, celebrating their triumph over Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabeu.
Source: Marca

This will make the TV rights will bring more money to the club, stadium attendance numbers will grow as high as ever, teams’ ambitions will be the highest and we as fans will have a guaranteed entertainment.

One more good thing about this is that we will finally get to know which league really has the strongest teams.  

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