The Newcastle United takeover: A brief overview

Throughout the past 3 months there have been rumors of a possible takeover of Premier League side Newcastle United F.C by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (Mohammad Bin Salman or MbS for short), this has no doubt excited many of the Toon Army supporters who have not been all too pleased with current owner Mike Ashley’s administration of the club for the past 10 years, with MbS’s promise to make Newcastle United one of most Europe’s clubs, however like me, some others have started to question is there more to this takeover than meets the eye? 


MbS’s Troubled Past

While it all may seem rainbows and sunshine for the Geordie faithful, other football fans have started to question the morality of the takeover due to the fact that MbS is the head of Saudi Arabia, not just a business man like other Middle Eastern investors whom have completed similar takeovers such as Sheikh Mansour who took over Manchester City back in 2011. Unlike MbS, Mansour makes no political decisions on the behalf of the Qatari state. Which in lies the problem MbS, Saudi Arabia is know for its many human rights violation and for silencing those who dare to criticize him in any way shape or form. A few of the Toon Army faithful have even called for the takeover to be stopped, while others claim that MbS’s life outside of the club shouldn’t be cause for worry and that Newcastle United isn’t the one committing those human right violations, and while the latter statement is true. Would any supporter feel completely comfortable if they knew exactly how the money funding the club was obtained? 


Looking at the brightside

However, not all is loom and gloom as even if the takeover is successful, Newcastle wouldn’t necessarily need MbS to pump boat loads of money into the club as they have a great and healthy source of incoming revenue, last year in the Premier League they had some of the highest attendance numbers the league saw, only clubs ahead of them were those with grounds of higher capacity than that of St James Park. It is also important to note that MbS wouldn’t completely run the club as Amanda Staveley (the person who is brokering the deal between Mike Ashley and MbS) is said take control of the club on behalf of MbS, also involved in the deal are the Reuben Brothers who are the 2nd wealthiest family in the UK. With all these parties behind the project, it could certainly signify a new dawn for the Toon Army.

The Future of the Toon Army

While the takeover seems to be up in the air at the time of writing, one can only see this Newcastle United side keep on improving as their new sensational winger Allan St Maximin continues to inspire a side who have languished in mediocrity for the past 5 years. They’ve also got a very bright future with their youth academy as the Longstaff brothers (Matty Longstaff and Sean Longstaff) have taken to their new roles in the first team with almost no pressure despite being involved in constant relegation battles. Here’s an XI of how Newcastle United could line up if the takeover were to be completed:

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